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Bio Oil For Hair

Using Bio Oil For Hair Improvement

Quite a number of people have asked me here on the blog if bio oil works on hair?  As you can imagine that is a pretty wide question so I thought I should go into this in some detail. Dumb as this may sound remember bio oil is indeed an oil so if you already suffer from any oily hair issues then you should avoid putting any more oil anywhere near your hair.

If you are considering using bio oil for hair then my strong advice is not to use it if you have to already wash your hair every one or two days. The last thing you ever want to do is add oil to hair that is naturally oily.

So let's examine then if bio oil is any good for other hair types. Remember also that bio is designed to work on dry skin and although the scalp is of course skin, your hair isn't and bio oil was not designed to be initially used on your hair.

On many of the forums however people have tried this.  I haven't so can only go on what has been said on the forums for this review. What I discovered was that some people apply this directly to the hair and others warmed the oil and applied and massaged it into the scalp.

Be careful if you are doing this as the scalp is highly sensitive so never apply very hot oil there.  It should be warm to the touch and never roasting hot.  Many of the users had also tried olive oil in the past and it does replace nutrients that are effective for shine and restoration of texture.

Did Bio Oil Work on Hair?

The simple answer is that I could find little or no evidence that the normal bio oil that is effective on stretch marks and scarring would do anything to enhance your hair.  I did however find many people talking about how brilliant a product called Bio Oil Silicone Treatment Solution for Damaged Hair did work.  It is an Italian product and it would seem works well as a conditioner. I think the name gives us a clue though as this particular oil has some pretty amazing reviews.  There is also a Bio Oil Hair Mask that helps prevent breakage and split ends.

They seem to work better if it is rubbed in first and left overnight. Sadly that would mean sleeping with your hair in a towel to avoid staining pillow cases etc.

Bio Oil Hair Silicone Treatment

I have actually tried this one and I like it.  It is just under $13 for a 1 oz bottle and that goes a fairly long way.  It is applied after washing and a gentle towel dry and applied to both hair and scalp.  I noticed after about 4-6 uses that my hair was indeed softer and had a very healthy shine. It certainly works for me.  I haven't had the need to use the Hair Masking product and as yet I have not seen any other reviews but I will of course update this blog when I do.

I hope you have enjoyed this article on bio oil for hair.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Bio Oil Reviews Stretch Marks

Does Bio Oil Work for Stretch Marks?

Bio Oil Reviews Stretch Marks
My daughter recently starting telling me about how good this product is, and especially how effective it was for stretch marks. I thought I would then do an article on this and include as much helpful and useful information as I could find.

I have included reviews from my daughter and her friends who have used this. In summary all of these have been positive and the "secret" according to them is to use the oil as shown by the instructions during the pregnancy and for a short time after you have given birth.  They told me that regular applications is very important as it really helps you to keep your skin elastic.

Is Bio Oil Good for Stretch Marks?

Many of them were a bit doubtful at the start and some of them had also tried cocoa butter to help get rid of the stretch marks. It was only when my daughter seemed so enthused that they took it a little more serious and actually started to apply the oil. There were five ladies in total and they applied it regularly after my daughter had explained to them that although it was difficult to keep doing it every day that it was also the only way it would actually work.

All five of them are now pretty thrilled as the stretch marks have either vanished or are greatly reduced. two of these have had second babies and again have gotten similar results so they are more than pleased.

Bio Oil Before and After - Amazon User Reviews for Stretch Marks

There was a really interesting mix on Amazon of people who had used bio during their pregnancy and those who had used it after their pregnancy. Those who had used it during their pregnancy reported generally that they had no stretch marks once they had delivered their baby. This makes a lot of sense when you think about it. The skin stretches as the baby grows inside the womb so it would make sense to treat it then with oil.
For those who used it afterwards they also reported great results in helping remove those ugly stretch marks. They did say that it took longer if the stretch marks were older but for those who had fresh stretch marks almost all Amazon users reported pretty fast results after using the oil.

Pregnant Woman
These real life customers who leave feedback are a great place to do your own research and especially those with stretch marks included in them.  In general again I found them all to be very positive and there were clear signs that the product worked well for stretch marks.  Of notable interest was the fact that those people who had undergone big weight drops and customers like weight lifters had all recommended the product to get rid of stretch lines. That is pretty solid confirmation that this oil works well for any type of stretch marks be that through weight loss, weight lifting or stretch marks from pregnancy.

I also searched on customers who have used the product, from various medical blogs and from the many forums that exist on the Internet.  Again similar feedback that overall results were clear and effective.  Bio Oil is recommended for dealing with varying skin tones, on acne scars and scarring in general.  There are many reviews on those as well but out of all of these different symptoms, the one that the oil seemed to work on best was for stretch marks.  The reviews were very positive, especially if the oil had been used either during the pregnancy or immediately after the pregnancy.

I have now concluded some more research after a few months collecting information and it is similar to the above in that the reviews for bio dealing with stretch marks effectively is very positive. As an interesting side note it also turns out that this oil is also really effective in dealing with old burn marks as well. I want to be clear here as this was only with old burn marks as you can never put bio oil on an open or a healing wound.

That makes a lot of sense really as the longer any type of scar is left untreated then the more difficult it will become to work with.

Like the lady above if you use this regularly you will start to see small improvements and it really is all about frequent applications as described by the manufacturer. If you persist with this it will work but you must do it regularly if you really want it to work.

Does Bio Oil Prevent Stretch Marks

Pregnancy Stretching
We mentioned this earlier and I wanted to add a little more detail just to help you understand this better. As a baby starts to grow inside the womb then the skin on the tummy will have to stretch in order to accommodate this growth. You will have seen many pregnant ladies and everyone is a different size at different stages of their child carrying. The bottom line though is that the tummy will stretch a lot and the skin will as a result become very tight and really start to weaken the elasticity of the skin.

By applying bio oil to the skin you are putting back in some of the elasticity and also keeping the skin soft and supple. My daughter used this during her own pregnancy and I can attest that it seemed to work a treat for her. The results from others would also confirm that this is the case. As my Grandmother used to say to me 100 times, "Prevention is better than cure."

Bio Oil for Old Stretch Marks

There is no point fooling ourselves about older marks even stretch marks. They have been there a much longer time and most likely left untreated. It would make common sense to say that they are going to be a lot tougher to get rid of. That is certainly the evidence that I have found when putt ing together this review. The good news is that if you apply regularly and consistently over a period of months you will see major and significant improvements and in about half of the cases that I read almost a complete change in the look and the appearance of the marks.

Bio Oil for Stretch Marks Before and After Pictures

I hope you found this post on bio oil reviews for stretch marks useful.